Farming and managing land

  • An overview of the main grants and schemes available to farmers.

  • The Basic Income Support for Sustainability Scheme (BISS) will provide financial supports to farmers for farming sustainably.

  • The Organic Farming Scheme (OFS) provides financial support to farmers to encourage them to produce organic food. It also aims to reduce the environmental impact of farming and improve animal welfare.

  • The Afforestation Scheme runs from 2023 to 2027 and provides financial support to encourage people to develop and manage sustainable forests.

  • The total forest area is 11% of the landscape. In 2000 over a million trees were planted on behalf of each home in the country.

  • The Native Tree Area Scheme provides financial supports to encourage people to plant small areas of native forest on their land without needing an afforestation licence.

  • Farm succession is a complex issue which involves thought and planning. This page outlines some of the supports available and steps you should take when planning for farm succession.

  • Farm Assist is an income support scheme for farmers. Find out about the means test for this payment and the rules about who can qualify.
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  • The Rural Social Scheme (RSS) provides income support for farmers and fishermen/women who are getting certain social welfare payments.
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  • A right of way allows you to travel over land that belongs to someone else. This page describes public and private rights of way, as well as how to establish and register a right of way.
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