Care in your community

  • Public health services in Ireland delivered in the community are called community care services. Overview of services and links to other sections of this site.

  • Occupational therapy services in Ireland are designed to help people of all ages achieve the maximum degree of independence in ordinary living.

  • Physiotherapy in Ireland is provided through the public health service, and also available privately.

  • Public health nurses are employed by Health Service Executive (HSE) Areas to provide a range of health care services in the community.

  • Social work services are provided through the public health services. The Health Service Executive (HSE) is obliged to provide certain social work services. Find out more.

  • Speech and language therapy services are available through the public health service. How services are delivered and how to apply.

  • Dietitians are health professionals who give advice and information on all aspects of nutrition and diet.

  • Chiropodists/podiatrists assess, diagnose and treat diseases and abnormalities of the foot. Some Local Health Offices provide chiropody services to certain eligible people.

  • Health and social care professionals are regulated by CORU. There is a process for making complaints about the fitness to practice of registered professionals.
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