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11 September 2023

Site updates

On 11 September 2023, the weekly income limit for the GP visit card increased for people aged under 70. This income threshold will increase again on 13 November 2023. You can apply online for the GP visit card.

Fuel Allowance season starts on 25 September 2023. It will be paid for 28 weeks, until 5 April 2024. The current rate of payment is €33 per week, or you can choose to get it paid in 2 lump sum instalments. 

Since 31 August 2023, the following 4 areas are Rent Pressure Zones

  • Ennis Local Electoral Area, Co Clare 
  • Kilkenny County Council 
  • Limerick City and County Council 
  • Waterford City and County Council

Since 4 September 2023, the Personal Injuries Assessment Board has a new application form (pdf) to make a claim.

From 1 January 2024, changes to the State Pension (Contributory) will be introduced, including changes to the age you can claim, changes for long-term carers of over 20 years, and changes to how pensions are calculated. Legislation setting out these changes is not yet published.

The Defective Concrete Products Levy applies since 1 September 2023. It is a 5% levy on concrete blocks, pouring concrete and other concrete products. It is paid by the person or company who first supplies or sells the concrete product.

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