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11 December 2023

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From 1 January 2024, Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) will increase from 3 to 5 days a year. You cannot get Illness Benefit on the days that you get SSP. If your first illness in 2024 is less than 5 days and you qualify for Statutory Sick Pay, you don't need to apply for Illness Benefit. For illnesses lasting more than 5 days, Illness Benefit starts from day 6. If you use your 5 days of SSP in 2024 and you become ill again in the same year, you'll get Illness Benefit from day 4 of your illness, which is after the normal 3 waiting days.

Two constitutional referendums on family and care will be held on 8 March 2024.

If you are a refugee applying for a travel document, you can do this online for a fee of €55.

From April 2024, the Hot School Meals Programme will be expanded to more schools. You can read the list of Schools approved for the Hot School Meals Programme from April 2024.

From 1 January 2024, the maximum grant available under the Home Charger Grant Scheme will be €300.

The Department of Education has set up a pilot counselling programme to a small number of primary schools in 7 counties.

Since 6 December 2023, companies that provide mortgage protection insurance can ignore your cancer diagnosis if your treatment finished more than 7 years ago, or more than 5 years ago if you were diagnosed when you were under 18.

The deadline for applications to preserve and maintain archaeological monuments under the Community Monument Fund in 2024 will be set by your local authority, but this deadline should be no later than 1 February 2024.

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